Conversational Healthcare
Our smart bots help patients avoid time-consuming medical registration procedures and provide them regular health and wellness updates creating a more straightforward, friendlier interface that keeps your patient’s’ needs front and centre.
Use Cases
Conversational Care
Our conversational AI smart bots help your patients cope with diseases like hypertension, diabetes and even postoperative procedures. They do this by providing them with medical advice and support based on their medical histories.
Conversational Support
Our smart bots are equipped to provide additional medical support to doctors and nurses within your organisation. They can be trained to share information related to a patient’s preexisting conditions, allergies, diagnoses, test results, prescriptions etc. All this information can be acquired through conversations with our smart bots, thereby improving the effectiveness of your team.
Conversational Insurance Coverage
Hospitals have numerous health insurance providers, each with their insurance coverage terms and claims procedures. Understanding the documents required for each policy, their payment terms and the extent of coverage can be extremely challenging for hospitals, insurance providers and your customers alike.Conversational AI smart bots can be pre-built with all this information so all the stakeholders involved can access it quickly and directly through a conversational interface.
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