Conversational Commerce
Use Conversational AI to reframe Shopper Experience.Use Conversational AI smart bots to offer your retail customers personalised service and support based on their transaction histories.
Use Cases
Conversational Customers are in control
Our conversational AI smart bots put your customers in control of their shopping experience by making intelligent and relevant suggestions based on their prior shopping patterns. After a purchase is made, your customers can quickly and easily track their order anytime, anywhere using text or a spoken command.
Drop in RMA requests
Your customers can quickly and easily get information on your return policies and processes through human-like conversations with our conversational smart bots. This reduces the number of return requests your company gets as well as the return delivery costs incurred. Our smart bots even keep track of purchase dates and update your customers if their warranties are about to expire.
Helps Employees close a sale
Conversational AI smart bots empowers your retail sales staff by providing them with information about their shopper’s style, fit and colour preferences so that your shop assistant can quickly and effectively meet their requirements.
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