Conversational Telecom
Maximise Customer Satisfaction with a Conversational AI Assistant. Senseforth conversational AI smart bots come pre-built with industry specific knowledge to bolster your customer support teams and integrate well within the large IT landscape of your company.
Use Cases
Telecom Offerings Simplified
Choosing a mobile plan can be a confusing exercise for even veteran mobile phone users primarily due to the large selection of prepaid, postpaid, cell phone and data plans available. Conversational AI smart bots help subscribers sort through the clutter and decide which plans and add-on features make sense for them basis their usage.
Conversational Account Management
Our conversational AI smart bots can be embedded on your website or in your mobile apps to help subscribers perform a host of billing and account related services quickly and with ease. Such as managing roaming functions, determining data usage, topping up prepaid and add-on services, deactivating or putting an account on hold etc.
Conversational Self-Service
Have smarter conversations with your customers with the help of our smart bots. We program them to resolve most customer queries and connectivity issues using advanced conversational dialogues. This way your support team can focus on more complex resolutions and gain greater satisfaction from their job.
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